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The UK & Ireland Poker Tour, better known as UKIPT, took off and has become one of the biggest tournament series in Europe. The first season began in 2009. Its inaugural event for the last two seasons has taken place in Galway. This season will be no exception. In Season 2, the main event’s prize pool reached over £3 million. With the UKIPT continuing to grow, there’s no telling what season 3 will bring!

UKIPT Season 1

(2009 – 2010)

UKIPT’s first season looked to make the tournament series one of the biggest in Europe. PokerStars did an astounding job at sponsoring the tournament series; its main event had 848 registrants creating a £4,112,800 prize pool. David Vamplew walked away with the gold and £900,000 by winning that event. However, all eyes were locked onto the tournament series’ final event: the EPT London High Roller. With a buy-in of £20,500, only the best of the best were able to afford to get into the tournament. Jose Barbero prevailed to represent his country of Argentina. Well-known poker professional, Vanessa Selbst, placed fourth during that event.

UKIPT Season 2

(2010 – 2011)

The UKIPT rolled into its next season in the beginning of December of 2010 in Galway. Nicholas Abou Risk won the first event making him the first player to win an event at each of the UKIPT tournament series. His place in history wouldn’t last long. Joeri Zandvilet won UKIPT Dublin on September 12, 2011 which put him right up with Abou Risk in terms of UKIPT wins. Benny Spindler took home the crown that year by winning the UKIPT Grand Final in London. His win added an extra £750,000 to his pocket.