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If there is one place a poker player can confidently play poker, knowing their money is safe, their security protected, and within this safety earn the best rewards in the industry, it’s at PokerStars. Their reputation and commitment to the poker players’ interests have been cemented as the most reliable in the industry, proven by their stellar reactions to the events of Black Friday.

On April 15, 2011 (Black Friday), the FBI and Department of Justice shut down the four largest online poker sites in the American markets: Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, and PokerStars. The online poker world collapsed into confusion, but one site would emerge with its reputation not only intact, but improved. You might say that Black Friday was the very lowest point of trust in the online poker industry, and you would be right! It was the type of event which either makes or breaks a company.

On April 20, just days later, PokerStars brokered an agreement with the Department of Justice to release players’ funds. Six days after this agreement, on April 26, PokerStars began issuing player refunds, in what would amount to more than $100 million dollars. In just eleven days, the team running PokerStars worked around the clock and delivered on their promise to serve players’ interests. PokerStars has always kept player funds and operational funds separate, and was (and still is) always equipped to deal with player cash outs. Every dollar was accounted for, and every American player offered a quick, secure cash out.

To date, Full Tilt Poker has still not released any player funds. In fact, when PokerStars began backing up their promise with real actions (i.e. cashing out all American players in full), Full Tilt hadn’t even released a statement on withdrawals! While PokerStars has released over $100 million in player funds, and has thrived at the same time, Full Tilt has not released a single penny. Full Tilt recently lost its gaming license, while PokerStars’ license remains in excellent standing. PokerStars deserves some real praise for their actions.

Online poker is a billion dollar powerhouse industry. The truth is, when we as players sign up and deposit our money, there is a lot of trust involved. When a company is able to back up that trust, and take care of you in even the worst of times, in a situation which could not have gotten any worse, this is a company worth trusting. Their actions were professional, their communication clear and competent, their customer support phenomenal.

On top of being the industry’s largest poker site, and after proving itself in Black Friday, PokerStars still offers a long list of compelling bonuses for poker players. Using the sign-up code FLOPTURNRIVER and bonus code STARS600, you can become eligible for a slew of exclusive rewards. These are rewards you know will always be secure in your account. The codes will net you a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $600, plus $1,000 in exclusive monthly tournaments and access to an incentives program. This is on top of PokerStars already attractive set of features, including reload bonuses, a VIP Club, rakeback, and home games, where you can set up online games with a selected group of friends.

Throughout the past months, PokerStars’ number one priority was evident: taking care of their players. Out of all four sites which came under attack, PokerStars without a doubt has shown itself as the most reliable and trustworthy. PokerStars was put to the test, and has proven itself. To put it simply, at the 2011 WSOP, Daniel Negreanu, their main sponsor, is still wearing PokerStars patches. He is more than willing to lend his name to the site, and we are too.

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