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Poker Terms


Poker Terms

Poker Terms

One of the first things I recommended looking into is an online poker dictionary because it's difficult to read about poker without knowing the most important poker terminology used by the online poker community. However, the one problem with a poker dictionary is that so many words will be listed that you'll wonder where to start! To help you out, I will list some of the poker terms that I deem most important for someone just learning. Read about these terms first since they are common and very important.

At the beginning, a new player should learn about "bankroll management", "variance" and "rake". The rake is the portion removed from all the pots or prize pools by the poker site or establishment hosting your poker game. As an example, if you play some no-limit hold em after making a Full Tilt Poker download, your table will be raked 5% of each pot. You'll find that each site will rake slightly differently, and there is a maximum amount that will be taken for each pot.

Another important term to learn about is "position". We've already considered the importance of your cards in the poker hands order article, but we neglected to go over position, another important aspect of the game. The person last to act post flop in every pot has the best position, and you will win pots more frequently when you're in position. When you're in position, you can play hands that you normally wouldn't play while out of position.

You should check out the term "outs" in a suitable online poker dictionary. At any given time if you believe you don't have the best hand, you should take note of the cards that could be dealt on later streets that would be likely to improve your cards to the winner. These cards are called your "outs".

Learn about the term "fold equity". When you're playing a hand, you need to take into account that there is a chance your opponent will fold if you bet. This is what is known as fold equity, and it is vital in poker because it's a way to win pots without necessarily having the best hand.

If you read advice columns on the internet regarding poker, you'll probably come across the term "nit". Nits are those that refuse to gamble without being absolutely sure he will usually win, and therefore he is reluctant to play many poker hands. He will rarely invest a lot of money in a hand where he is not guaranteed to win.

The last term I will talk about is "all-in". Most common in MTT poker, going all-in means that you are betting everything in your stack and in order to call, your opponents must go all-in themselves or put an amount equal to your stack in the pot. If you are called and then fail to win the showdown, you are often out of chips and you are required to re-buy (if you can) or leave the table.

In the future, I will list a few more terms that I think are important for you to know. In the meantime, look at these ones and then search for a few strategy articles to study. Thanks for reading and see you next time!