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WCOOP Results for Events 26 – 28

September 12, 2012 at 2:42 pm | PokerStars | No Comments » | Written by:

Even though the United Kingdom does not have a player ranked in the top ten of the World Championship of Online Poker’s Tournament Leader Board, the country does have players who are in contention to win any one of the three awards PokerStars will hand out to the individuals who accumulate the most points over the course of this year’s WCOOP.  In fact, out of the thousands and thousands of people who are participating in WCOOP, the United Kingdom has five players who currently rank among the series’ top 53 players in terms of points and they are:  DYBYDX (115 pts), beardo1981 (110 pts), Se7enTr3y (110 pts), NigDawG (105 pts), and danface (100 pts).

Players earn points that determine where they rank on WCOOP’s Tournament Leader Board based on the types of tournaments they participate in and where they finish in each.  The higher a person finishes in a tournament, the more points he or she receives.  PokerStars will give whoever is on top of the leader board at the end of WCOOP a trophy, a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package, an EPT Grand Final package, a TCOOP Main Event ticket, and a custom chip set.  Whoever is in the leader board’s second position will get a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package and a TCOOP Main Event ticket.  PokerStars will give a TCOOP Main Event ticket to the player who accumulates the third highest number of points during WCOOP.

You can see who finished in the top ten in WCOOP Events 26 – 28 below.  You can use the links on this website to set up an account with PokerStars and start accumulating your own tournament points now, too.

Event:  #26, Game:  PL Omaha, Buy-In:  $215, Entries, 1,223, Places Paid:  153, Guaranteed Prize Pool:  $250,000, Actual Prize Pool:  $481,800

Place ID Country Payout
1 mikal12345 Norway $83,158.68
2 kAmIkAdZeEe Poland $60,225.00
3 Try__An__Hit Australia $45,771.00
4 paaskebaesen Norway $33,533.28
5 Situruttu Estonia $23,849.10
6 mrAndreeew Sweden $19,031.10
7 Vlad_Radimov Russia $14,213.10
8 culibrk1 Czech Republic $9,395.10
9 mendieta19 Sweden $5,299.80
10 Pthelegend Canada $4,288.02


Event:  #27, Game:  Mixed Hold’em, Buy-In:  $320, Entries:  732, Places Paid:  99, Guaranteed Prize Pool:  $150,000, Actual Prize Pool:  $219,600

Place ID Country Payout
1 putuonfbt Canada $40,296.60
2 strummer9 United Kingdom $28,767.60
3 lennart Sweden $21,740.40
4 Mustangoo7 Portugal $16,360.20
5 dyng247 Sweden $11,419.20
6 DO$UN*9* Canada $9,223.20
7 RuiNF Portugal $7,027.20
8 ESTRATEGA 18 Uruguay $4,831.20
9 edoiler Canada $2,854.80
10 theNorfman Canada $2,415.60


Event:  #28, Game:  FL Badugi, Buy-In:  $320, Entries:  304, Places Paid:  40, Guaranteed Prize Pool:  $50,000, Actual Prize Pool:  $91,200

Place ID Country Payout
1 woodbine ave Canada $17,784.00
2 Gigaloff Russia $13,224.00
3 ChadBrownPRO Canada $10,032.00
4 dynastyzz Australia $7,296.00
5 mehmet deniz Turkey $5,016.00
6 Lumelia Germany $3,648.00
7 NAR74 Russia $2,736.00
8 QuadVQuadMe New Zealand $2,280.00
9 Big_Dady_Coo Sweden $1,824,00
10 buck21 Canada $1,824.00


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