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William Hill Download

The William Hill Poker software is quick and easy to download. Once you have followed the instructions for registering an account, you'll be transported straight to the lobby screen so that you can pick a game to play.

The lobby is pretty self explanatory. The types of games are on the left hand side, and clicking one causes a menu to expand so that you can choose from different variations. Available tables come up to the right of the menu and offer information such as the name of the table, the stakes, how many players are at the table, and the average pot size.

The table graphics on William Hill are clean and fairly pleasing to the eye. Everything is extremely easy to see, whether it's player names, stack sizes, bet sizes, community cards, or hole cards. Nothing is too big or too small, and you shouldn't feel like the table is too cramped or cluttered like on some other sites.

You can choose whether or not to show avatars at the table. To change your own avatar, simply right click your current avatar at the table or go to Options (which is in the upper right in green) and Table View. You can't upload your own personal image, but William Hill has included a variety of their own images for you to choose from. Other Table View options include a 4-color deck, showing folded cards, and displaying bet amounts.

There aren't a lot of options for sounds. You can turn the dealer voice on if you would like someone to tell you what is happening on each street. If you dislike any of the other sounds, though, you cannot turn them off without disabling all the sounds completely. One positive feature of the audio on William Hill is that you are able to control its volume without having to touch the audio on the rest of your computer.

The bottom left of your table window features an area for chat, notes, statistics, hand history, and table info. The Notes tab allows you to block someone's chat, write a note, and color code a note. The Stats tab will show you how many hands you've played, the number of flops you've seen, and more. If you don't want to see any of these menus, you can minimize the entire box.

To change your chat options, go to Options and then Chat Settings. You can choose to show dealer chat, hide player chat, show card images, and more. When a player at the table chats, a chat bubble appears above his name, but this feature can be turned off if you dislike it.

When two or more players are all-in at any point during a hand, the software displays a stat for each player that shows their percentage to win or tie the hand. This is a fantastic feature for recreational players that just like to know whether or not they are "supposed" to win, and it's also great for serious players wishing to learn about hand equities.

If you love to play multiple tables, you'll be happy to know that William Hill tables are easily resizable. This will help you fit more tables on the screen at once. Resizable tables are also great for those with bad eyesight because it is also possible to make the tables bigger so that everything is easier to see.

William Hill Promotional Code