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Getting going with is one of the easiest online poker processes I’ve come across. The first step is to navigate to their website, at which point a helpful box pops up to ask if you’d like to download the client.

You would, so click the button and watch the tiny file flash by. Like most online poker clients, what you’ve downloaded was just the installation software, which will download the files needed for a proper install. Even so, this process takes a matter of seconds, with most decent connections able to grab the files under a minute.

Click a button or two and the program will jump to the install process, which takes even less time than downloading the files. That’s the poker room download complete and you’re now ready to get signed up.

Once the client has been launched, you can press a button to be flown to a registration page. don’t need reams of personal information to give you an account, so the process should be pretty quick. With that done you’re ready to log in, deposit, and get playing.

The poker room download itself is a straightforward creation, but one that’s finely turned for online poker. Starting off, there are a series of tabs to select depending on how desperate you are to get into a game. New players should stick with the Beginner section, which offers up some suggested tables and links to long tutorials that cover every eventuality.

Recreational players may enjoy the Quick Seat option. If you’re not concerned about combing the table list looking for the juiciest games, the Quick Seat section lets you set parameters such as game and stakes and then launches you right onto a table without a moment’s hesitation. Off course, there’s also the standard table list view for seasoned players to get to grips with.

The tables are the barest section of the client, with markedly few buttons and check boxes to concern yourself with. Some players may prefer a little more control over their game, but simplicity also has its proponents. Nevertheless, there are still all the standard check boxes for calling your bets and a sleek hand history viewer. One feature most online poker sites lack is the automatic assignment of keyboard shortcuts to betting, calling, and folding. The poker room download has these ready to go from the off.

It’s worth noting that the poker room download isn’t compatible with Mac computers, but there is an instant play version which is accessible from almost anything with a web browser.