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VC Poker Download

For many years, the VC poker download has been a dependable source of quality online poker. Their software has never been at the bleeding edge - and that remains true - but they are a site with a stellar reputation. There are no controversies to their name and no user outrage about poor feature implementation. Although that’s likely because there aren’t many features to speak of. The VC poker download continues to work smoothly, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As you open the client, you’ll be greeted with a selection of available games. It’s all as expected, with a set of statistics listed after each table which can be used to sort the list. Stakes, players, average pot, and % of players to the flop are all available.

You can apply more rigourous settings to the table list by using the small collection of Filters. You can weed out tables according to their limits, stakes, size, and the currency used to place bets. Full tables can also be hidden, as well as empty ones.

A small collection of buttons flank the big table list, the top set providing access to different poker formats and the left group containing links to the likes of Support and the Cashier. This left group is also where you log in and register. Both functions are completed online in your browser of choice. If you don’t happen to have your browser open when you want to play, this can be a little annoying, but it’s only a minor inconvenience.

The VC Poker Download allows you to talk directly to a poker room manager about any immediate concerns. Although, once again, the in-client button is actually just a link to the VC Poker website. Account information is handled inside the software, but provides little more than a look at how full or empty your balance is.

When it comes to customizing the vc poker download, some players may be disappointed, as there are relatively few options to fiddle with. Still, you can activate a 4 colour deck and turn off any table animations. There’s also an Auto Rebuy feature to safe you from missing any hands while you click to reload. Pros who grow tired of railbirds and normal people who grow tired of other humans will be relieved to know that you can disable chat.

The look of the tables is a little rough, but no so much that it impedes your play in any way. If you like flashy graphics, perhaps you should look elsewhere, but anyone who just wants to get down to some solid poker will be perfectly content with the vc poker download.

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