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Titanpoker Download

Titanpoker Download

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Titanpoker Bonus Code: POKERMTT Titanpoker Bonus Code: POKERMTT

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  • 150% Initial Deposit Up to $600 -- Use Bonus: POKERMTT
  • Download Size: 1 MB
  • Download Languages: English, Dansk, DeEnglish, Polish, Swedish, French, Italian, Norwegian, German, Danish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Hungarian and Portuguese.
  • Software: PlayTech
  • Download Compatibility: Windows
  • Network: iPoker
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Titanpoker Download

Titan Poker have been a mainstay of European poker for a number of years and the Titanpoker download reflects that, for better and for worse. It’s a dependable piece of software, but has not kept up with some of the innovations the bigger sites continue to pump out.

Getting the Titanpoker download installed and running is very easy on any Windows PC. The download is quick and the instillation process painless. Sadly there’s no Mac version, but any user on any OS can use the flash client via their browser.

After logging in, the Titan Poker client does not make the best first impression. In addition to pop up windows for the cashier and the latest news, new players will find themselves constantly assaulted by eager support staff. Even if you close the window without response, five minutes later the same person will contact you again in the hopes that you’d like to hear about some special offer. It’s very useful to have support live chat built into the client, but the interruptions can get annoying.

With the support team pushed aside you can start to finally get to grips with the Titanpoker download. If you’ve played any online poker before, it will all look pretty familiar. A long list of tables dominates the window, which you can scan quickly to find the juiciest games. If there’s a player you’d especially like to sit with, the search player will let you know if he’s online.

Titan separates their games into European and World games. Whichever you choose will depend on your preferences and moving between the lists is very simple. Buttons for each are among a collection of tabs available on the left of the screen, which, when clicked, fan out to reveal a selection of additional options. here you can sort by game types, as well as access Sit & Gos or Tournaments.

There are specific tabs for Special Offers. Gimmick tables that have unique prizes and bonus deals attached to them. The weekly $200k guarantee also has its own tab, featuring a huge lists of satellites and Step qualifiers to get you into the big event.

Hidden in menus available at the top of the screen are details of your account and selection of different options. You can swap avatars on and off, activate a four color deck and have yourself auto-centered on every table. It’s fairly standard stuff that you’d expect to see on every decent online poker client.

That’s pretty much true of the entire Titanpoker download package. It’s got everything you need to play poker without any problems, but the software doesn’t seem to have made any strides forward in the last five years.

Titanpoker Bonus Code