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PKR Download

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PKR Download

PKR's complete download can take some time to complete.  They have very powerful software that will bring with it amazing graphics and the ability to customize almost everything.  With a hi-speed cable modem it still took about 10-15 minutes to completely install directly from the website.  You may also request a CD for installation, which they will send out for free.  The install software is also only available in English, although the PKR website is available in 11 different languages.

However, with the install complete you will not feel that you wasted your time.  Begin by choosing your character under the "Me" tab from the main lobby.  From there you can pick your look, right down the the clothes you wear.  You can also purchase upgrades to your available options using your PKR Points.  And once on the tables you may at first be overwhelmed with the amount of options available to you.  Here you can decide which camera angle you like and what kind of emotions you want your character to show.  Choose from a variety of phrases that your character will speak out loud to the rest of the table.  Or, if you like just sit back and perform chip tricks.

With all the slick graphics and customizations available, you could imagine that PKR's software does take up quite a bit of your computer's memory.  This will cause the software to run a little slow at times, creating just a slight lag.  This is especially true when playing multiple tables (PKR allows up to four tables at one time). 

Their website states that PKR was designed to run on just about any PC built within the last 4 years.  The specs they supply are:

Windows 2000 or Windows XP Operating System
1Ghz Pentium Processor, or equivalent
450MB Hard Drive Space
Graphics Card - 32 Mb with DirectX 9.0c compatible drivers (Nvidia GeForce3/ATi Radeon 8500 or equivalent)
Any Soundcard
Broadband Internet Connection
Other - Internet Explorer 6, DirectX9.0c

All in all PKR's software is some of the most innovative poker software available on the web.  Combine a fun playing experience with the bonus offerings and all the fish at the tables, and PKR is just to good to pass up, even if its just for a change of pace.

PKR Bonus Code