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Ladbrokes Download

Ladbrokes allows you to register for your new account and alias while their software is being installed on your computer. Once the program is installed, you can open the lobby and have a look around.

The lobby might appear drab at first, but you'll quickly appreciate how straightforward it is. You choose your game on the left (cash games, sit & go's, or tournaments), and then the available tables come up on the right. For each table you can see the stakes, number of seats available, number of people waiting, average pot size, and more.

The table graphics are also nothing to write home about, but they do the job. Tables are easily resizable, which is convenient for multi-tablers. The card images are smaller on Ladbrokes tables than on some other sites, however, so some users might prefer to keep their tables on the larger side.

If you find the card images difficult to see but wish to keep your tables small, your other option is to use the Mini View feature. Mini View makes the tables much smaller but also gets rid of the unnecessary background graphics so that there is more room for the important images. You won't get to look at a poker table graphic or view player avatars, but your hole cards and the community cards are much easier to see.

The bottom left of the table window has the area for chat, table options, and stats. You can choose to view or hide dealer actions and player chat in the Chat tab. The Options tab is where you can choose to sit out, auto post blinds, and muck your losing hands.

The bottom left is where you can also find hand histories for your table. It can be tough to see at first, but look closely and the hand history option will be in green font. Once you're in the hand history screen, it can be very annoying to find a specific hand. This is because the software doesn't give you an overview of all the hands at the table and instead makes you view the hand histories one at a time.

An alternate way to view hand histories is via the lobby. Click the Menu icon on the bottom left and choose the number of hands you would like to view. This gives you a list of hands and also shows your hole cards so that you can find a specific hand much easier than when you were at the table.

Ladbrokes gives the option to upload your own unique avatar. To do so, just right click your avatar at the table and select Upload Image. If you dislike looking at other people's avatars, you can disable all of them by using Mini View, or you can disable select avatars by right clicking them and choosing Block Image.

You can customize the sounds you hear at the table by going to Menu (on the upper right of the table) and clicking Options. The Sound tab allows you to mute all sounds or to mute select sounds. For example, you can choose to only have the alert sounds active. You also have the option to control the volume of your sounds, which can come in very handy.

Other poker table options include controlling animations, changing the appearance of your tables, choosing where you sit at the table, setting bet slider options, and setting auto top-up options.

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