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Full Tilt Poker Download

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Full Tilt Poker Download

Account Security:
The most common question new players ask is: Is playing online poker safe?
Full Tilt Poker player funds and account balances are not used for any operational expenses – all players’ accounts are kept separate from company accounts. Players’ funds are held in a trust account at a leading European bank and Full Tilt Poker can, at all times, fulfill any financial requests to the players.

Full Tilt Poker uses a 128-but SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online. The security measured enforced are designed to protect from brute force attack on players, and all player information is restricted to Full Tilt offices.

Two additional authentication options are available for maximum security: Login with Pin, and Login with Security Key. The pin option provides the user with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is used in conjunction with the Player ID and Password to access your account. You will select three cards from a regular deck of cards, and must reenter these cards as well as your password every time you log in. If your choose the security key option, Full Tilt will either send you a security key generator or you a smartphone app that generates security keys.

Your personal log in history is also accessible at any time, and you can check exactly which IP has logged in to your account.

Full Tilt Poker software can be run in 23 different languages; the language can be instantly changed from the game lobby by selecting Languages from the top menu.

Software Features:
Full Tilt offers the most cutting edge features in online poker. Whatever you game, whatever your stakes, Full Tilt can cater to your demands. The software allows for a large amount of customization – set up how the lobby looks, how the table looks, even how you look!

There are 3 different lobby views: Basic, Mini, and Standard.

Basic View is the easiest way to find the game and stakes you are looking for, and is recommended for new players.

Mini View has the same features as Standard View, but in a reduced size.

Standard View provides advanced filters, favorites, and widgets in order to full customize your online poker experience. This is recommended for experienced users. An innovative cascading system allows you to quickly select the game type and stakes.

Using the Favorites tab in the Standard lobby, you can filter what games appear to ensure only games you are interested in show up.

Widgets such as Cashier Mini Balance, FTP (Full Tilt Points) Odometer, and Session Information, can be configured to appear on you screen during a specific type of game.

Full Tilt Poker offers beautiful, crisp, and clear cartoon-style graphics. You can choose between many different backgrounds for the tables you play on and you can choose from a wild selection of cartoon avatars to show off while playing.

Playing on a table is also super easy and convenient – action buttons are easy to see and use. If you’re coming from a smaller poker website, the difference is night and day!

Two different table views are available:
Classic: Camera is slightly tilted camera view of the action, the “regular” view
Racetrack: Simulates a top-down view

Cards are made using vector graphics, which allows them to keep their sharpness and quality no matter how big or small you resize the table.

Full Tilt also offers a quick and easy hand history replayer, which can be accessed by the click of a button.

A secure system, fast and deposit/withdrawal options, a large database of players, and a huge variety of cash games, tournaments, and Sit-N-Go’s are just a few of the reasons why Full Tilt Poker is highly acclaimed. Aside from PokerStars (the parent company that owns Full Tilt Poker), FTP is far and away the best online poker site on the market today. Full Tilt is a sleek, professional piece of software offering exciting gameplay to both novices and professionals. Complaints about software are extremely rare; Full Tilt offers world-class, stable software and is backed by some of the largest names in the industry. The features are updated daily, and within minutes of downloading the software you can be up and playing.

Download Full Tilt Poker here today, and start playing!

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