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Betfair Poker Download

Betfair Poker Download

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Betfair Poker Bonus Code: Welcome50, Welcome250, Welcome500, Welcome1000, Welcome2500 Betfair Poker Bonus Code: Welcome50, Welcome250, Welcome500, Welcome1000, Welcome2500
Welcome50, Welcome250, Welcome500, Welcome1000, Welcome2500

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Betfair Poker Download

Betfair aren’t primarily known for their poker service, but if the latest iteration of the Betfair poker download is anything to go by, they are making a big push for credibility. Their client is as sleek as they come, prioritising pretty design over playability.

Beneath the shiny exterior, the software still runs like an ordinary poker client. A big table list takes up most of the main lobby screen, featuring the ability to order games according to various useful statistics. Large buttons decorate the top of the Betfair Poker download, providing access to the Sit & Go, Scheduled Tournaments, and Play Money sections. Inside these areas, there are tabs to filter between Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 5-Card Draw, and 7-Card Draw.

Each game type also has its own set of drop down boxes, that allow the player to filter the tables list to only display specific table types. In the Cash area you can define stakes, table size and the brand of poker game you’d like to play. The variety of options in the Tournament section is particularly impressive, with selections including Mad Tilt and Regional. When you select a tournament, structure details and other specifics are displayed in the same window.

Even with all this information on show, the lobby still has space to fit in a retractable panel which displays upcoming promos, lobby chat and a how to play section. This can be brushed aside to clear up some screen real estate and swung back out at will. With all these different things going on, there’s a danger that the Betfair poker download might become cluttered. Excellent font design makes this a non-issue, with even the tiny hyperlink buttons along the bottom of the lobby window easily readable.

So far as options are concerned, there’s a less impressive offering. You can switch avatars on and off, along with animations, the fold warning, and your hand value. That’s about it, though, nothing like the flexibility provided by some of their competitors.

The tables on the betfair poker download feature full 3D avatars. Various debonair degenerates leer at each other across the felt as you play. Each one is tied to a specific seat, so you have to go with who you’re given. These mirror the style pioneered by the now defunct Poker Room. With all these flashy avatars and sleek buttons, the Betfair client does require significantly more processing power than more stripped back alternatives. This shouldn’t be a problem for casual players, or multi-tablers with powerful rigs, but budding pros with slow machines might strain their resources playing in multiple games simultaneously.

Sliding panes make a reappearance on the tables, allowing you to tuck away the usual check-boxes once you’ve made use of them. These panels also include a Change Seat button, which swaps you into a different area of the table. Confusingly, this also changes your avatar, along with the avatars of every other player. The tables are resizable to any size you like. Checkout Betfair Poker today!