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888poker Download

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888poker Download

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your 888 poker download. Once the program has been installed, you will be prompted to register a new account. Be sure to include a valid email so that you can receive a free $8 in your account. They pay you to make an 888 poker download! How awesome is that?

Once you have registered, you are directed to the lobby's “Beginners” screen. This screen displays the microstakes games available for those with small bankrolls, including $0.01/$0.02 cash games and $0.96 sit & go's.

Click on the “All games” tab to see a full list of games available. This will bring up five new tabs to choose from: Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Sit & Go, and Tournaments. Click on your desired game to see a list of all tables available.

There are a variety of filters available at the bottom of the table list to make your search easier. You can check or uncheck the “Hi” box, for example, to show or hide the high stakes games. You can also hide full tables and filter for a certain number of players at the tables.

The table graphics on the 888 poker download are fairly pleasing to the eye. They do a nice job of using space efficiently so that the table does not seem cluttered. Both the community cards and hole cards are decently sized so that holdings are clear at all times.

If you go to “Settings” and select “Table layout”, you get to choose from a variety of table themes. The nice thing about the themes included in the 888 poker download is that you can change them while sitting at the table to see what they look like immediately. This is a nice change from some sites that make you leave the table first.

Tables are easily resizable, although some players will find it hard to read screen names, bet sizes, and stack sizes once the tables have been made smaller. This is due to the very small font used at the tables.

Every player gets to choose an avatar to represent them at the table. To change yours, go to “Settings” and select “Personal Image”. You can choose from cartoons, Marvel heroes, flags, and more. You cannot upload your own image on 888poker.

The sounds on the 888poker tables are basic but easy on the ears. You can't turn off individual sounds if you, by some chance, despise one or two of them, but you can choose to play notification sounds only. It is not possible to control the volume of the sounds.

On the bottom left of each table window you will see the chat area. Click “Options” to choose which types of chat are displayed. You can also take a look at your stats by choosing the “Stats” tab.

888poker is very user friendly when it comes to new players. If you are just starting out with poker, click the “Beginners” menu in the upper left of the lobby window for instructions on how to play, how to deposit, poker tips, and more. Make an 888 poker download today!